whyAbout two years ago, I went through some traumatic changes, which left me vulnerable and humble in a way that I could never even begin to explain.

Have you ever been through something that has taken every inch of who you are, that you just surrender and say, ok, I am done, I have nothing else to give! Yes, that is vulnerability! It was at this stage of submission, bearing all my shame, letting go of my pride and ego that I found my strength, and humility, which became me.

As I transitioned, I had this need to be more, to find myself. I made a promise to the universe, to be the voice of change; to open myself to life, loving and embracing others for who they are. I knew deep within that was the way of grasping the truth about life and to discovering who I am. It has not been easy; sometimes people can mistake humility for weakness, which brings a sense of sadness.

However, I do get joy from connecting with others, who like me, have chosen the path of vulnerability. I am always empowered with each interaction, being more aware of how others open up so quickly to me, knowing that they too can be vulnerable. I make a conscious effort to live each moment expecting the most interesting people to come into my life. Even if it is just for a brief moment, I know there is something to learn.

Have you ever met someone whom you feel like you have met before? Have you ever ask for something and a total stranger fulfill that request? How about you having a crappy day and someone just smiles at you and say, you will be just fine?

Last week at my local gym, I wanted to do some squats, but all the machines were taken. I noticed a small group of four doing a weight lifting routine that I found fascinating and they were doing squats! I walked over and asked if I could join. They looked me up and down and then agreed that if I were able to complete three sets of 12 reps with 120 lbs. then I could join in.

Even though the highest I ever squat was 90 lbs, I agreed. I did the first two sets but had some challenges completing the third. Surprisingly, they saw my struggle, and all chimed in, come on girl, you can do it! One came over and started squatting in front of me, as the others encouraged me loudly!  Boom! One shouted as I completed my last rep.  My workout was a blast, plus I gained some new workout friends.

This morning one of my workout friends (let us call her Jody) called me and asked if I could read her speech and give my honest opinion. I agreed to look it over. When I got the email, I was dumb folded. I was reading about Jody’s transition from male to female. A speech she was getting ready to give to a group of trans-gender high schoolers.

I never understood why anyone would want to change his or her sexuality unless there was some physical abnormality. Therefore, fearing the challenge of the unknown, I never venture down that road of knowledge. Nevertheless, reading about the challenges, struggles, and isolation Jody endured from family, co-workers, and strangers brought me back to the question of why she came into my life. As I said, I was not a big supporter of transgender issues, because I did not understand it, so why did she chose me?

I got up from my computer and walked over to the coffee pot. That was when it hit me. Jody came into my life because of a need I expressed two years ago when I surrendered to self. Remember the promise I made, “to be the voice of change; to open myself to life, loving and embracing others.”

Yes, it manifested itself two years later, in a way, I never expected. Jody did not need me. I needed her to learn to let go of some ‘stuff’ to grow into the person who can truly love, and embrace others as they are before I could effectively be their voice!

I called Jody and told her how awesome her speech was, how I admire her courage, and that I will be right there in the audience supporting her.

Why am I sharing this with you? To remind you that:

What you say matters. The way you live your life matters. The people you cross path with matters. The way you treat others matters. Be kind and humble to all, because the one person you disregard might just be the one that was supposed to inspire you to greatness, or fulfill a need you expressed.

I honestly do not know why people come into our lives, but I know there is a reason. I do believe that the universe is listening, and if you trust it and listen to your heart, all things will fall into place when the time is right. In the meantime, I will continue to keep my promise to be the voice of others, to support, love, and share my knowledge. Moreover, with each encounter, I will be a student, curious, open-minded, eager, and always ready to learn!