As Mother Teresa so brilliantly pointed out, when you judge people you have no time to love them. Sometimes you plan your life leaving no room for the unthinkable. You know those bad thinks that happen to others but heaven forbid if it happens to you.

I use to think that way until the unthinkable happen to me.
The department I worked for closed down and I was without a job, going to law school, have kids to take care of and the list goes on. I remember getting laid off, thinking that couldn’t happen to me.

I was lost. But after three months and I could not find a job, I started questioning everything including my worth.

I thought that my experience and education made me more desirable as a potential job candidate. But the perception that employers formed about why I was out not working made me feel even worst.

This experience humbled me. I realized that I too formed opinions and judgments about people that could bring them emotional harm, just like the trauma I was experiencing. Instead of potential employers asked me about my skills they were asking me questions about why I stayed out of the workforce and what my intentions were.  can hurt them. And in most cases, our judgments are far from the truth. The worst part is most people never get the chance to speak their truth.

Whatever perceptions they formed about me were most likely far from the truth, the worst part is, most of them couldn’t handle the truth.

I learned more about me after getting laid off than the time I spent working. I went back to school, I became advanced at powerpoint, word, SPSS, Excel, I learned how to analyze statistical data, I learned accounting skills, started meditating, learned more about my kids, the teachers at their school, I started hiking, spinning, blogging, and was better at marketing than when I was paid to do it!

The most important lesson I learned is that life happens. Getting laid off, experiencing trauma, hurt, broke and brokenness is a part of life. So instead of saying it could never happen to me, accept that it might happen, and when it does, just be prepared to navigate without losing yourselves entirely.

Believe me when you say it could never be me. Most likely, your life is about to turn upside down!

Another lesson is that when you see someone in a bad situation, show empathy and try to help instead of thanking God it is not you. Before I had kids, I would see kids out and about late at nights, and I would blame the parents for not doing an excellent job. Until, my teenager became uncontrollable, and his favorite thing was to sneak out at nights. I stopped saying it could never happen to me.

Why do you think we are so hard on each other? Is it because the people we encounter mirror the things we don’t like about ourselves?

Maybe it is because the people who tend to annoy us the most are the ones that remind us of the things we do not like about ourselves.

Let us treat each other with kindness. No one is inferior or superior to the other.

The bottom line is there is a consequence for everything we do, good and bad. When we judge people, situations, thoughts, feelings or things we are creating separation and indifference. It keeps us from connecting, becoming one with life, and building meaningful relationships.

We need each other. We were born into this world to serve each other. Why do you think it feels so good when we help someone or really connect with another person!

Most organizations invest million of dollars incorporating training programs and incentives to build working teams and hire people who are team players because we work better and are more creative when we communicate and collaborate!


I do believe that we need each other to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. We are at our best when we practice love for each other and live in a state of non-judgment.  Sir Issac Newton’s laws say that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction. ” In other words, everything we do is well noted by the universe, and there is a consequence for it. Sir Issac Newton’s laws say that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction. ” In other words,

Sir Issac Newton’s laws say that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction. ” In other words, everything we do is well noted by the universe, and there is a consequence for it.

The message here is to experience serenity and peace of mind see the good in others, show empathy, remain in the state of love and non-judgement, and treat each person as a divine mystery.
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