Slider 10I recently read an article on workplace bullying by organizational leaders; I found it heart-wrenching, and was extremely moved by it.

Surveys and other research have shown that in most cases, employees are not committed due to a lack of appreciation and reinforcement, low satisfaction and motivation, and a general lack of attention to their needs. Organizational leaders must take the time to provide opportunities for employees to develop and find satisfaction in their jobs, instead of using coercive measures to persuade them to perform.  This could be achieved through supervisor and peer coaching, cross-training, rotating work assignments, reward programs and incentives, and skill assessment programs.

Most people commute to work. An excellent incentive could be to provide audio books by Zig Ziglar, Mawwell Maltz, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, etc., for self-improvement and motivation. Also, sending employees to seminars and workshops might motivate them toward development and growth.

Organizations have to invest in the key players (employees) within their organizations, instead of bullying them. Because as the employees improve, so will the company’s performance and profit and vice versa.

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