Did you know that losing weight is on the top ten list of New year’s resolution every year? Yes, it was mine too — every year up until January 2015. I still remember that feeling of self-hate when I tried on seven pairs of jeans before I found one that fit. And I had to go up two sizes! Ladies and gentlemen, I sat in that dressing room and cried.

The next day, I joined cardio express. That was one year ago. Nowadays I work out almost every day. I spin, run, dance, walk, lift weights, do strength training, and try to eat healthier. The results are that I am getting stronger, more toned, and fitter. Plus I feel great about myself.

Working out and staying healthy is now embedded in my lifestyle.

 Things You Should Do to Lose Weight

1. Stay consistent. Are you a morning or evening person? I am a morning person, so I set my alarm for the same time every morning. I then slip on my running sneakers and workout clothes which are next to my bed. (yep I put them there every night). No excuses.
2. Get some great workout music. I seriously cannot workout without music! I have a few playlists of my favorite songs. I grab my cup of coffee, put my beats on, and I hit the gym.
3. Drink lots of water. Your body needs water, but most importantly, water fills you up, helps with water retention and it has no calories. I drink a gallon each day.
4. Watch what you put in your body. I love food, and I do not like counting calories. So I eat whatever I want to eat, but in small portions. I also love a glass of wine with my food. However, I noticed that when I drink a glass of wine every night, I would feel sluggish when doing my work out the next day. therefore, I decided to leave wine for only weekends.

Things You Should Never Do to Lose Weight

1. Diet pills. If your doctor doesn’t prescribe weight loss pills for you do not take them. Most weight loss pills require you to workout and eat healthy for them to work. So why take them?

2. Starvation or Deprivation. Starving yourself to lose weight is dangerous and could lead to different eating disorders. There was a time when I would just drink tea and eat once per day just to fit into a dress or to go to an event. Not only did I end up with diarrhea, I ate everything in sight after weeks of depriving myself. In the end, I gained more than what I lost.

3. Compare Yourself to Others. We all come in different shapes and sizes, but I was not satisfied with my body. I would compare my body to celebrities, models in magazines, and advertisements of women who didn’t have my thunder thighs or my big arms. I did not add up, my expectations were not realistic because I needed the results immediately. As I incorporated exercise into my lifestyle my self-image increased. Now I focus on creating my best body.

One of the most important things I learned on my weight loss journey is to set realistic expectations and forgive myself if I don’t keep them. Guilt will keep you isolated and unhealthy. I still feel guilty sometimes after eating that piece of pie or that box of Oreo cookies!

However, try not to let guilt hold me hostage.  I forgive myself, shrug it off and promise myself to kick ass at spinning the next day. Then I get excited about my workout the next day. Losing weight is a journey, not a race. So it will take some time.

Please journal your progress. Share your goals with others, and have fun with it. I will continue to share my journey with you. Please feel free to share yours, so we can motivate and keep each other accountable.
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