I cannot even begin to express my shame. It was valentines day weekend. While lovers were loving, I was ‘loving’ but it was with a box of chocolate and a bag of cheetos!
My vow to stay healthy this year suffered tremendously. Did I say shame, that is not even the half of it.

I was studying and doing endless research for my final paper. I sat in the middle of the bed, surrounded by the things that my girlfriend would call ‘fat pills.’ Yep, leftover chocolate, cheetos, and whatever else I had no business eating. But let me tell you, as my research got intense, so did my eating.

The worst part was when my 8-year-old walked into the room, I looked him in the eye, asked him, what he wanted as I prayed silently that he would keep moving so I could get back to eating my cheetos!

I don’t like that person. Worst of all, I don’t even like the noises she makes when she eat cheetos!

Ladies and gentlemen, I took a stand.


Yesterday I went to my spinning class. This morning I did my cardio. And I planned my meals so I wouldn’t eat any junk. It was hard to workout after a weekend of unhealthy food. I felt bloated and sluggish, but I dragged myself to the gym. I decided that I am worth more. I love my body too much to succumb to anything less!
Yes, Valentines day was a weakness, stress from my studies and other issues got me eating. But as I recognized my triggers, I am taking note so I can better prepare. Let me know how you are doing so far.
Until next time….


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