Everyone wants life to run smoothly but when you are wearing many hats it’s as if everything is on speed dial. And when we starting feeling overwhelmed, rather than slow down and rest, we turn to coffee, energy drinks, and whatever else to get a push!

What exactly is stillness?

“Being still does not mean don’t move, it means, move in peace” Eyen A. Gardner

I learned that if you do not learn to practice balance through stillness, life will force you to.

When things get hectic, slow down, take a break and breathe. Studies show that stress leads to trauma and health problems so identify and manage stress triggers to maintain your cool, practice meditating, yoga or just take long slow deep breaths.

Practicing stillness increase awareness, it helps you to stay focused and get much more accomplished in less time, decreasing anxiety. When I am still, I am more grounded and I respond to things in my own time and pace instead of reacting to everything.

My Experience When Standing Still

Stillness taught me how to keep my power instead of giving it to others without even realizing it.

In this state I look inwards for answers, knowing without a doubt that they will come. I ask others for advice, and feedback, especially those more skilled and experienced than I am, but I receive it objectively, instead of taking them personal, or seeing them as a reflection of who I am.

In stillness, I am patient, and I know my next move, I strategize and work smart to accomplish my tasks. The best part is, I am not afraid.

I used to be afraid of failing, losing friends, not being liked, or chosen, and afraid of taking a risk. Now I am willing to take risks, trusting the universe to bring me my desires.

I am at peace with myself and I get along peacefully with others.

Stillness is a Choice

Learning to stand still in chaos doesn’t just happen, it is a choice. I chose stillness because I was running too fast, and eventually I was running on empty.  I ran out of breath, tired, depressed, and couldn’t get any rest.

Now I run, but I take my time, and I run hard instead of fast. My steps hit the pavement like a spiritual dance, giving thanks for every moment. IninI

In this state of mind, I come alive!

Nowadays in the midst of chaos, my feet are planted on solid ground. It took many storms and failed ventures to get on this train. But it was all worth it.

The journey can be like a violent wind, one which will humble you. It is a process where you have to let your guard down, throw away ego and pride and bear your shame.

Come along with me.

I understand the suffering.  Through stillness, you will discover your truth, plus you deserve a little peace.


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Andre welch · January 23, 2016 at 8:20 pm

Nicely written, being still is that place where self awareness can be attained, where being vulnerable, can allow you to to step outside of ones self and experience others in such a way that breeds compassion… and that is what this world is lacking.

Nicola · January 23, 2016 at 8:56 pm

Thank you Andre! Your response is right on target!!!

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