Hold on 2 Your Faith

dancingI stood in my kitchen making a delicious Jamaican jerk chicken dinner.  Finger licking delicious, an old Jamaican recipe.  And am not sharing.

Suddenly my stereo started blasting “Hold on to 2 Your Faith” by Detrick Haddon.  I could not help but dance!  This dance was a different type of dance.  Because as I danced, my heart began to weep and the tears began to flow.  Why am I crying I asked myself?  Deep within me, I knew the answer.  I was dancing myself into greatness, getting rid of the pains of yesterday.  My Dance was sacred, my moves defined.  Each move had a mission.  It was sacred and divine.

I danced for my love ones, for their protection from the evils of this world.  I danced for my sake, reaching for peace of mind, blessing, and prosperity.  I danced for my family, friends, clients, and the people who are suffering.  For those asking why are they suffering, begging for a change.

I could not sing, my heart was too heavy, so I danced.  I could see the pain in the eyes of the suffering. Moreover, I heard the disappointments, and the agony caused by health issues, loneliness, loss, joblessness, foreclosure, broken relationships, depression, divorce, and hopelessness…

Suddenly I found my voice, but all I could whisper was ‘Hold on 2 Your Faith.’

I know hardship, I have endured many struggles, but I cannot compare it to the fact that so many of my brothers and sisters are lost to hopelessness and depression.  We need a change!

I wanted to stop dancing because I could no longer feel the beat.  Nevertheless, my feet kept moving. Hands raised as if I was worshiping.  The music was loud, my heartbeat intensified.  My body moved with grace as I danced for healing, and asking for change.  I danced for the defeated, the underdog, hoping that they will overcome.

Yes, if seen, I would look like a dancing fool.  However, maybe, just maybe, my dancing will bring someone peace or the happiness they seek.

As the drums beat, my feet picked up the pace, and I danced.  With my increasing heartbeat, I begged for newness, restoration, connectivity, prosperity, healing, and happiness for all spiritual beings.  Then as the music slow down I whispered:

“Hold on 2 Your Faith.”

Yes, I know it is a struggle, the liquor stores are calling, the medicine cabinets filled.  Family broken, car repossessed, house foreclosed, laid off, and everyone has given up on you.

Do not give up, do not give in, you will overcome — and someone else will need your story to keep living.  I cannot say when it is going to be ok.  Nevertheless, I say ‘Hold on 2 Your Faith.’




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