I swear, I am not naive, but today was an exception! Since childhood, I was allegedly “extra.”

What does that mean anyway?
Yep, I researched it. Hello? Research is what I am exceptional at! There goes my modesty!

I was raised by West Indian parents who expected perfection in every way. So yes, I was a huge disappointment!
I was unladylike, talked too much, asked too many questions, questioned too many answers, and was always speaking when not spoken to.
But I always believed I was an advocate and needed to get to the bottom of the truth! Thanks to Matlock and Nancy Drew.
Because of my “extra-ness” I endured many spankings, insults, and lost many friends along the way.
See, I knew I was never born to fit in, since no matter how hard I tried to fit in at a young age, I would always do something “extra” without realizing. In the end, I stood out.
My childhood memories came rushing back yesterday when a friend of a friend told me over lunch that I was “extra”!
Most people would find this offensive, but to me, it was a compliment!
I am used to people not believing my kindness is real, or my candor a bit much to digest.  

“Thank you, I don’t know how not to give my best!” I responded with a smile. Yes, it was not sarcasm. I meant it.

I am far from perfect!  But when others give up, I persevere! When I do my job or homework, I do more than is required! When I speak, it is well thought out! When I eat, I enjoy every bite!

When I dance, I move to the music with my very being!
When I smile, it comes from my soul!
Ask my trainer, when I workout, I give my everything!
Yes, I am extra. ……ordinary!
I know without a doubt that one day I will leave this world, so I am going to enjoy every second I spend in this life!

So if you cannot appreciate and embrace my extra-ness, you are missing out! 

And by the way,  I received a phone call today, asking to write a proposal for a Fortune 500 company on employee motivation based on my interaction with someone who was intrigued with my extra-ness.
The point is, be yourself always...
Follow your intuition always…
Don’t try to be someone else to please others. We are the way we are for a reason!
Accept your uniqueness, or “extra-ness.
The people who matter will enjoy and appreciate you, and the opportunities will come.
And to those who find your uniqueness offensive.You don’t need them anyway!
Be adaptable and flexible, but never, never, never compromise who you are!
From Ms. Extra…
Thanks for reading!
Until next time….

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