Slider 3Ambition is just the thing to have. It was instilled in me from an early age that people with ambition, look and behave differently. They dressed, spoke, and lived differently. Even the cars that they drove are different, not to mention the house they lived in. I was never told of what it takes to be ambitious, only what ambition looks like. Sometimes I question if ambition is cultural. What is ambition? Why does it mean so much to certain cultures and not that much to others? Is ambition a prerequisite for success?

According to the dictionary, ambition is the desire to accomplish something, a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous. But it goes a little bit further, which is what I wasn’t told growing up. Ambition requires determination and resilience! Maybe if someone had told me about the disappointments, struggles, challenges, and persistence that it would take to stay ambitious, I would have taken life less serious. Knowing that things will happen, but in the end, everything works out, just like you can’t force a flower to blossom before its time, we cannot force life to happen. From the beginning of time, Jamaicans are known to be ambitious, they will work five or six jobs to become successful. For them this is what ambition means, they strongly believe that the more you put in the more you get out. And if you don’t do this you are worthless and lazy!  Studies have shown that successful people work smart, not hard, but we Jamaicans would call this making excuses. Even if the person has been working hard for 20 years and is still not successful, it is ok, that person is respected for being very ambitious and a hard worker. So many people say they are ambitious and want to be successful, but when asked about their goals and business plan, they give you this blank stare.

Yes, ambition is a prerequisite for success! But guess what? Ambition means not just having a desire, but being able to answer why you aspire to do or be what you desire. Knowing this will keep you motivated when the naysayers drop by.

  1. Ambition requires taking action, not just having a desire
  2. In order to take action, you must have a goal or a plan
  3. The plan must be broken down into small manageable pieces so you won’t feel overwhelmed
  4. Do your research, gain knowledge and keep up with trends in your area of expertise so you can speak eloquently
  5. Go after your desires as if your life depends on it because it does

Lastly, it will get hard, sometimes unbearable, but never give up!  Believe in yourself in spite of your upbringing and what was instilled in you. Be your true self, embrace your gifts and talents and stop trying to be what everyone expects you to be. Most importantly, you will fall, but when you fall down, get up and keep moving, keep your focus on your goal, with ambition, isn’t anything possible?