2017 is supposed to be the year of greatness! Sounds familiar? Maybe the plan was to lose weight, transition to a new role or build your business. The vision is on paper but no action yet. Now you are frustrated and overwhelmed with this feeling of inadequacy. I get it. I remember when I was ‘rich’ in writing things down but ‘poor’ in applying those things.  Here are some ways to take action into your greatness!

Develop a strategy– This includes the where, how, who, when, what, and whom. A clear strategy will help you get you to your destination.

Build strategic alliances – for your business; this includes alliances with key staff. And for personal development, this includes a gym buddy to keep you accountable.

Define measures – Set standards for yourself regarding how efficient or effective you want to be.

Most importantly, know that you are in charge of your life, keep going, the steps might get harder, but the view is beautiful at the top!

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