Do you have talented employees who are giving an average performance?

Small business owner (let us call him Joe) was shocked when he walked in on one of his managers yelling at a worker. The worker was in tears. Since Joe did not spend much time on the floor, he was not aware that this was a common occurrence.

After firing the manager, this incident probed him to hire a consultant who conducted an anonymous employee survey to understand the ‘why’ behind his company’s high turnover rate.
The results of the survey showed that most of his employees were scared of management. Some of his most talented employees were leaving because they felt unappreciated, and the majority stated that they enjoyed working with their co-workers, but hated their job.

Joe realized that his manager’s behavior significantly affected the employee’s perception of the entire company. Unfortunately, this perception resulted in high absenteeism and low morale.

Why aren’t you working?’

‘Uhm.. I didn’t see you coming?

Do not invest in expensive employee training programs, or other employee engagement program before conducting an assessment to determine the underlying issues of the lack of motivation and low performance. Assessments will get to the cause of the problem so that you can customize the right solution for your company. Remember there is no one size fit all solution.

Treat employees as if they are consultants. Have open and candid conversations about the issues the organization is having. Share the vision for the company. Let them see the benefits for all involved, then ask for their insights, remind them that you need their input since they are the ones who are always on the frontline. Empower them to help you help them!

Employees DO NOT need managers; they need a mentor. Lead by example, say what you mean–mean what you say. Do not make promises to employees and not follow through. They will do the same thing to your customers. Mentor them by modeling integrity, showing value, and building good rapport and trust. Help them set goals, and manage their time. BUT let them be ADULTS by allowing them to keep track of their goals, achievements, growth, and development.

Angry manager looking at disengaged team sleeping during her presentation

Do not speak ‘at’ your employees, speak and listen to them. 

Build trust and improve morale by asking for their feedback and schedule weekly huddles to keep employees updated on changes in projects, policies, and any other changes that might affect them. Most importantly, have frequent face-to-face interactions with employees instead of over emails. Give them a chance to speak in meetings or else they will check out because they are not contributing to their own growth.

Employees’ will feel valued, enjoy their workplace and perform when employers treat them with value, be their mentor, communicate openly and have frequent interactions with them. These are small but practical and effective ways to get talented employees to rev-up performance, which will ultimately improve productivity.

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