I started out this week with the intention of working out seven days, but I only did five days. I did not reach my goal, but I was close. I ate a lot of spicy food (small portions), drank lots of water, and I cheated by drinking red wine during the week! Remember, I was only suppose to on weekends?

Hold on don’t give up on me yet.

I did my lower body Monday and Wednesday. My upper body Tuesday and Thursday. Spinning Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Then the Elliptical for 30 mins Monday and Wednesday. Overall, I am proud of myself!!! And I know you worked out this week as well so let us do the happy dance!

happy dance

I have finally found a workout that I completely love! People have you seen that commercial where Oprah Winfrey say:

I loooooveeeeee bread”

oprahThis is me right now saying, I loooooveeeeeee spinning!



What is Spinning?

The spinning classes consist of anywhere from a half dozen to 30 riders on special stationary bikes. The bikes have a weighted flywheel in the front that picks up speed as you pedal. The spinning bike feels like you are riding a real bike because the handlebars and seats are adjustable. There is also a knob below the handlebars which allows you to adjust the tension, making pedaling easier or harder, so you can stay within your comfort or fitness level.  spinning
Then the instructor takes the class on a journey which includes hill climbs, sprints, ab crunches, and other intervals and circuits fun exercises. Usually, the classes are 45 to 50 minutes long and are set to music.

From the guy who took my spinning class for granted!


I have done spinning with other instructors, but I have not found any like my instructor Lenny. His playlist highlights music from the Dancehall Queen Lady Saw to Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj, to the mind-numbing sound of “Hello” by Adele as we climb!

He insists that you own your ride. Ride with passion! Get angry! You owe it to yourself! He shouts in the background as you push your way through a song. In the end, you walk away burning about 500 to 700 calories per class.

Some tips when spinning

Stay hydrated (bring a bottle of water)

Cushion your seat or your butt will hurt for days

Bring a towel because you will get drenched in sweat, plus you cannot ride with sweat running into your eyes, pace yourself, and have fun!

If you are ever in the Vernon or Manchester area, please check out Lenny at Cardio Express!! I will save a bike for you.

Please share your weight loss journey with me. Let us motivate each other into reaching our goals! Until next time…pain



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