About Us

PFG Consulting Group is all about maximizing potential. We help individuals and organizational leaders innovate, transform, and lead by making an impact on the current issues they face, and anticipating ones they may face in the future. We specialize in blending psychology and business to improve organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, and individual's well-being.

We Empower. Enhance. Enable. Engage
  • Empower by optimizing mobilization of skills and resources
  • Enhance and strengthens skills and competencies to improve performance and work-life balance
  • Enable and maximize potential
  • Engage by promoting efficiency, effectiveness, and competition






Industrial Organizational Psychology

I/O psychology

We study human behavior in the workplace

Our value to your business

We contribute to your success by improving performance and productivity


Motivation Engagement Organizational Development Personal Development  

Looking for someone to speak about engagement or to motivate your staff?