We Provide Result-focused Services By Using Theories, Research, and Data to Help Organizations Understand Human Behavior In The Workplace

You can reduce absenteeism and turnover and create a more engaging high performing organization by investing in your employees


Programs to Rejuvenate your Personal and Professional Life 

Improve awareness, identity, and self-worth; Eliminate self-defeating behaviors and negative thought patterns; Re-discover talents and passions & take control of your life; Stress management and gratitude journaling. 

Dedicated to Applying Psychology to People in the Workplace

 We can help you understand your employees’ behavior to improve job satisfaction, performance,  morale, workplace culture, diversity and inclusion. Reduce absenteeism, workplace aggression, stigma, turnover to make the workplace better for the people who work there.

Improving Processes and Behaviors for Involvement, Sustainability, and Psychological safety

Workshops for mid-career women & female ex-offenders of non-violent crimes, long-term unemployed, advocacy and Mentoring young emerging leaders. Stress management and time management solutions for human service workers. Parent empowerment workshops and other programs and initiatives to reduce stress, improve mental health, connections, and psychological safety.

A Different Approach

We use assessments and psychological theories to study the past, then analyze the current situation and use predictive analytics to develop interventions and preventative measures for a sustainable and successful future


Unique Solutions

Our services are divided into basic areas of personal development, organizational development, and workshops and training. We have diverse clientele but we do not use a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Quality Over Quantity

We believe in honoring your unique personalities, values, and culture, and will help you take your next step into the future with success beyond your wildest dreams.

Preparing For Greatness

PFG Consulting Group serves as a safety net for those feeling overlooked and underestimated in their personal and professional lives. Dedicated to applying psychology to understand human behavior in the workplace, we partner with various organizations create a humanistic and supportive climate to improve job satisfaction and efficiencies. We also work with diverse communities and individuals to improve empowering behaviors. We collaborate with an amazing assortment of contacts in the human service industry, schools, non-profits, and Fortune 500 to create a dynamic company well equipt to help you turn your goals and vision into reality.